Mental and Physical Impact

Climate change is making hurricanes progressively worse. In 2017, Florida residents experienced this firsthand – each storm was met with another, leaving very little time for victims to pick themselves back up from the previous one. Hurricanes cause physical distress; there’s no questioning that, but these catastrophic events naturally impact mental health too.

Maintaining Good Mental Health

Check-in on Yourself

Experiencing a severe storm can cause post-traumatic stress due to the event, or flare-up symptoms for people already experiencing a mental illness. That’s not to mention the loss that some may face from a hurricane; the loss of something like your home, belongings or local businesses you love can lead to feelings of grief. For some, this grief may cause them to experience anxiety or depression.

There’s no shame in needing help. Whether mental or physical, it’s vital to reach out and make accommodations to ensure you don’t neglect your own needs.

Disaster Distress Hotline

The disaster distress hotline is a helping hand for those facing the mental impact of a natural disaster. The hotline provides callers with counseling, tips on recognizing distress in others, information on coping and referrals to other call centers that might provide additional support. You can also text the hotline, and whatever contact method you choose to utilize, you will remain anonymous unless you choose to disclose your information.

Helping others after a storm
Home repair after a storm

Repairing Your Property

After you ensure you’re in the right headspace, you can complete yet another step of healing: Repairing your property. Making your house a home again or building your business back up to what it was can help you feel the sense of normalcy you might be craving. You deserve to be comfortable where you live or work, especially while healing from a disaster.

Storm Recovery Experts

Triad is a Florida-based company. We know how difficult navigating life can be after a hurricane because we’ve been through it too. You deserve efficient work done by professionals that can empathize with you and your needs. We want you to feel as safe in your home as you did before the storm. We provide services for roofing, fires, mold and flooding that may have occurred due to a storm. We are happy to provide realistic estimates and goals for you and work with your insurance agency to ensure your services are appropriately covered.

Do you need help repairing your home? The storm recovery experts at Triad are here for you. Let us walk you down the road to recovering your life and home.