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Effortlessly Navigate Damage and Restoration Issues with Triad’s Comprehensive Suite of Products and Services that provide the data you need to make informed decisions.

What We Offer

property loss

Property Loss Estimates

These estimates determine the compensation that property owners are entitled to receive for their losses, both in terms of actual cash value and replacement cost value claims.

Engineering Cause and Origin Evaluation

Engineering Cause & Origin Evaluation

An engineering cause and origin evaluation help identify any issues that may have contributed to the damage, such as faulty construction or inadequate maintenance.

Mold Investigation

Mold Assessment & Protocol Evaluation

Mold assessment can help determine if mold is present and evaluate the damage. After investigation, a protocol can be developed to guide the remediation process.

drone inspection property damage

Drone Inspection

Drone inspections can provide detailed imagery of a damaged property from an aerial view. This provides a more accurate assessment of the extent of damage in hard to see places or dangerous locations.

Matterport 3D Scans

Matterport 3D Scan

Matterport 3D scans are highly accurate compositions that capture every aspect of a property, providing insurers with a comprehensive understanding of the property’s condition.

Thermography and Moisture Mapping Report

Thermography & Moisture Mapping

These technologies can help identify the source and extent of water damage and other issues that may be difficult to detect through visual inspection alone.

Appraisal Representation

Appraisal Representation

When there is a dispute over the value of a claim, the property owner and insurance company may agree to engage in an appraisal process to determine the compensation.

Umpire Services Insurance Appraisal

Umpire Service

This is a neutral third party who is appointed by both parties to evaluate the damage and determine compensation. The decision is binding and final, and both parties are required to accept the ruling.