Construction Defects

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Construction Defects on wall

Construction Defects

Property damage disputes surrounding construction defects can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, these types of cases have become more frequent over the past several decades.

Construction projects can be mismanaged for a variety of reasons.

The potential triggers for these types of cases are:

  • Improper project design & planning
  • Lack of proper project management
  • Inadequate means and methods of construction
  • Poor quality

Litigation Assistance

At Triad, our team is fully qualified to assist in litigation throughout Florida. Our excellent reputation and knowledge can make the difference in a complex legal situation and provide the expertise you need.

Our staff of licensed contractors will complete a full review of all aspects of the potential dispute. We will examine the differences between the design and construction phases, adherence to the Florida Building Code, workmanship, contractual disputes, as well as any other potential issues you may have concerns with.

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