Construction Defect Cost Evaluation

Assess the monetary value of damages resulting from defects in construction

Construction defects can cause significant financial losses for property owners, but construction defect cost evaluation can help them receive fair compensation. This comprehensive process involves a detailed assessment of the construction defect by a qualified professional, such as a construction defect expert or engineer. The evaluation typically includes identifying the root cause and severity of the defect, evaluating repair or replacement costs, and estimating any associated costs such as lost income or business interruption.

During the evaluation, our team will thoroughly examine the property and review all relevant documents, such as building plans and construction records. We will also interview key parties, including the property owner, contractors, and subcontractors, to gain a complete understanding of the construction process and any potential issues.

Once we have identified the root cause and severity of the construction defect, we will develop a comprehensive report that outlines the repair or replacement costs and any associated costs. Our team will work closely with the property owner, their legal team, and insurance carrier to ensure that they receive fair compensation for damages resulting from the construction defect.

Construction defect cost evaluation is commonly used in legal disputes between property owners and contractors, as well as in insurance claims and property valuations. Our qualified professionals are equipped to provide thorough assessments and help property owners navigate this complex process, ensuring that they receive fair compensation for damages resulting from construction defects.

Discover how a Construction Defect Cost Evaluation can help you understand construction defect origins and receive fair compensation for damages.


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We strive to provide transparent and competitive pricing for our Construction Defect Cost Evaluation. Our fee schedule is designed to offer flexibility and cater to the unique needs of our clients.

Construction Defect Cost Evaluation$2,500
Travel - Tampa RegionIncluded
Travel - Florida (Not Tampa Region)$300 - $500
Travel - Outside of FloridaCustom
0 - 3,500 SQ FTIncluded
3,500 - 7,500 SQ FT$500
Greater than 7,5000 SQ FTCustom
Rush (48 - 72 hours)$350
Additional cost for roof aerial report$75
Additional cost for wall aerial report$125

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