Understanding the ‘Why’

Having property damage insurance coverage doesn’t mean you’re covered. Policyholders often find out too late that their property damage awards aren’t adequate enough to cover repair or replacement costs. This is often due to miscalculations.

Getting an independent engineering cause and origin evaluation from Triad can help you prove the extent, cause, and cost of repairs to your property.

Engineering Cause and Origin Evaluation

4 Ways Engineering Cause and Origin Evaluations Can Help

1. Proof: Without proof, it’s just your word against theirs. Gain the advantage of proof of damage as well as primary and contributing causes with engineering cause and origin evaluations. From neglect to sabotage or faulty wiring, our team can pinpoint why property damage happened.

2. Detailed Forensics: Our assessments use advanced scanning and analysis to deliver data-rich reports replete with imaging and a breakdown of documented damage and estimated repair costs. This reporting can help demonstrate that damage is covered under your insurance policy.

3. Remediation Recommendations: Proving damage occurred is only part of recovering from a property-damage incident. That’s why Triad’s reporting includes remediation recommendations and cost estimates as well as the potential for additional costs in the event of deferred maintenance.

4. Support: If you need help negotiating your insurance settlement, we can assist in that process by providing out-of-court remediation services.

Support for Policyholders

If your insurance company denies your property claim, you can hire an independent engineering firm, like Triad, to conduct a cause and origin evaluation to determine the cause of the damage. The engineering firm can provide a report that outlines the cause of the damage and provides evidence to support the policyholder’s claim. Contact us to learn more.