Independent Representation

The value of property can change in a matter of days or months. Insurance companies that are short-staffed or using outdated assessment methodology can shortchange property owners on appraisals. An independent property appraisal representative can ensure your property appraisal is fair and accurate.

How a Property Appraisal Representative Protects Property

1. Fairness

Property appraisals are variable, meaning that any number of factors can affect value judgments. From the time of day, weather, or mood of the assessor, almost anything can sway the fairness of the appraisal value. Getting a second opinion from an appraisal representative can help you negotiate a fair property assessment.

2. Accuracy

Property assessments are often superficial. This can lead to a multitude of challenges, such as not getting the fair market value for the sale of your property or not receiving an insurance settlement that covers the full cost of repairs. Triad uses advanced technology and industry-standard construction estimation tools like Xactimate to ensure accurate property value and property damage assessments.

3. Efficiency & Cost Savings

Litigation can be time-consuming and costly. Reach a fair and binding settlement without ever entering a courtroom. An independent appraisal umpire from Triad can arbitrate the award dispute in a streamlined manner that saves most clients significant time and money.


Triad Appraisal Representation

If you’re unhappy with a property appraisal, you have options. An independent property appraisal representative from Triad can help arbitrate the dispute outside of court and get a fair property appraisal. Contact us to learn how we can assist with your next appraisal arbitration.