Constructing a business is often a complicated task that requires even more thought and planning than it does skilled workers. Whether your commercial business has been in existence for multiple years or it’s in the process of being built, you need to always focus on the safety of your property and everyone inside your building.

The construction industry has more than 650,000 employers with over 6 million employees and even produces nearly $1 trillion worth of structures every year. Though the vast majority of those structures are always at risk of minor damages and water issues, buildings residing in the South Florida area are at risk of far greater danger.

If you’re planning on opening a new business in Tampa or are involved in the construction of a new structure in the area, be sure to focus on potential hurricane damages and prevent severe water damage as well. You need to have these dangers in the back of your mind during every structural decision you make.


Here are some tips for preventing major hurricane and water damage in your Florida commercial structure:

• Focus on preventative maintenance — Preventing is much better than curing. So it’s best that you are performing regular maintenance and inspection checks across your building and property. Additionally, you need to pay special attention to your building’s doors, windows, vents, and roofs.

• Perform a business impact analysis — Though it’s best to prevent damage from occurring rather than addressing it once the damage has occurred, hurricanes and major storms are still unpredictable and do not discriminate. A business impact analysis is a good first step toward implementing a comprehensive and efficient recovery plan.

• Hire damage restoration professionals — If any severe damage has occurred in or around your commercial structure, you need to address these issues right away so further water and storm damage can be prevented. By working with experienced damage repair professionals, your building will be in excellent hands.

If you want to learn more about protecting your commercial business from significant hurricane damage and water damage, give Triad a call right away — and stay safe out there.