Room Additions

Tampa Room Additions

When designing or planning Tampa room additions for your home or business, building codes and standards must always be considered. It is very important for a contractor, architect, interior designer or engineer to know the code. The Florida Building Code is a collection of documents that is used as standard minimum requirements in the construction and alteration of buildings for the safety and health of the building occupants.

We specialize in building quality room additions that improve the overall design of your property and add value to your investment. Whether for a commercial or residential project, Triad will build your new room addition to meet your needs and budget. At Triad, we can make adding a room to your Tampa residence or office as painless as possible.

Perhaps you would like to build a horizontal addition to expand your existing floor plan, or you may be interested in adding a vertical addition to your property in the form of a second-floor bonus room addition. Whether you are interested in adding a bedroom, a home office, a family room, a kitchen, a master bedroom, a bathroom, or expanding office and retail space, Triad has you covered.  We are experienced with all forms of room additions, providing quality construction services for both residential and commercial properties.

Adding a room to your property can be an effective way to enhance the value of your property investment as well as provide new found space, comfort and livability. Boost your home’s value and increase its square footage with a well-constructed project from one of the Tampa Bay area’s most trusted remodeling experts.

Since 2004 Triad has been helping homeowners with Tampa room additions. If you have recently added to your family, or just need more space in your home, our contractors can provide professional assistance for anyone looking expand their home. When considering adding on a room, contact our remodeling experts to help create the space that best suits your needs. If you want to learn more about our remodeling services contact Triad today at (727) 216-6350.