Examples and breakdowns of our most requested services!

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Appraisal Inspector Doing Inspection

Mold Assessment

Air sampling and testing methods typically used to analyze air quality and mold include culturable, non-culturable, spore trap, surface, and swab testing.

Appraisal Inspector Doing Inspection

Property Estimate

An itemized room-by-room estimate typically includes a detailed description of work to be done, the estimated cost of materials and labor, and the estimated completion time.

Appraisal Inspector Doing Inspection

Cause and Origin Evaluation

Forensic engineering services identify the cause of any problems, implement risk management strategies, and develop cost-effective solutions to mitigate risk.

Appraisal Inspector Doing Inspection

Matterport and Drone Inspections

Matterport photography and drone inspections include a 3D virtual tour of the property, high-resolution photos, a detailed report a full bird’s eye overview of the property.

Appraisal Inspector Doing Inspection

Property Permit History Search

A property permit history search can provide information about previous permits issued for the property, such as the date of issuance and any applicable restrictions.

Appraisal Inspector Doing Inspection

Thermal Imaging and Moisture Mapping

Thermal imaging and moisture mapping can help identify areas of moisture intrusion and potential water damage, as well as areas of poor insulation and air leakage.