Roofing Evaluations

Roof damage can occur as a result of many things, such as wind or water damage or construction defects like improper installations.

Following damage to the roof a commercial or residential structure, an investigation may need to take place. This needs to be completed by an engineering expert, who will properly assess the damages and the necessary repairs.

The Triad forensic engineering team can investigate any style and material of roof, and any kind of property loss. They know what to look for and what they are looking at when inspecting a damaged roof.

Reports & Plans

Our team can create an in-depth report based on their inspection, complete with photos, measurements and figures, that will explain precisely what is damaged. Also, they are able to report upon exactly what caused the roof damage.

Additionally, our engineers can also create a comprehensive design and plan to execute any repairs that are needed. Whether you need only a portion of the roof repaired or an entire roof replacement, their plans will provide a high-quality, cost-effective roof repair for any size structure.

If you or someone you know is in need of a forensic roofing evaluation, call the experts at Triad today!