Cause & Origin Reports

Property damage cases can be challenging when you don’t have evidence to specify the cause of the damage. For example, it might be unclear if the damage occurred from a particular windstorm, or where water damage is coming from.

In these cases, it is more difficult to properly document and report the damage. Also, without a definitive cause, the loss may get reported incorrectly, making it more difficult to receive proper payment.

For these reasons, a forensic engineering cause & origin investigation can be vital to building your property damage case.

Investigation Process

Complete an Inspection

During the inspection, our engineering team will analyze the property for defects, structural damage and failures, and building components. They’ll document the property loss and the current condition of the property. They’ll collect evidence, take measurements, and examine property materials.

Write a Cause & Origin Report

Following the inspection, our team will use the information gathered to pinpoint the cause(s) of building failure or damage. They will write an expert and comprehensive report, to include photographs and figures, to state their findings.

Why Triad?

Our forensic engineering team has extensive experience in the field. They have a proven history of providing expert opinions for a variety of property damage cases.

Our team excels in utilizing the information they gather during their inspections with high accuracy and effectiveness. They are able to sift through the data they gather and parse out only the most important pieces. By combining that evidence with their knowledge of building codes & standards and structural knowledge, they can condense everything into the most accurate picture of what occurred to cause the damage.

Ultimately, having a cause & origin report can be the cornerstone upon which the rest of a property damage case is built. Once the cause(s) of damage is known, the property remediation & repairs needed can be evaluated in order to further support the case.

Our team is highly qualified to be the discerning eye you need to properly investigate and state what occurred at your property. If you or your client needs a cause & origin report, give us a call today for a consultation on your case.