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Listen to what our clients have to say about our professional team and project outcomes:

I am very excited to write a review for Triad Construction & Management Services. I contracted with them to enclose my Lanai last Fall. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Triad was professional and on time and on budget. They were a pleasure to work with and with each inspection, I was told by the County Inspectors that the work was perfect and passed with flying colors. I would highly recommend Triad for ALL your construction needs.


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Debbie (Tampa,FL)

Wow… Dennis and Triad turned a 6 month pain of dealing with insurance companies into a short 2.5 week turnaround on our/my Moms condo… 3000 miles away from us all while dealing with my Mother! Honestly, we felt like we were on good hands. Honesty and integrity were apparent. Beautiful work. Thanks to Triad, my Moms life is back in order faster than expected!

Ginger (Seattle)

I have had the pleasure of photographing the projects Triad Construction & Management Services have completed. The quality of the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and professionalism is superb. Clients are so happy with their new living spaces!

Lesley Davies Photography

The Triad team is one of the most well run, professional, organization we could imagine working with. My husband and I feel like we found a unicorn or won the lottery. Dennis delivered a very detailed proposal with a precise timeline. Their project manager, Chris, ensured that the project stayed on time, on scope, and on budget. If there were any issues, someone running late or changes he called, scheduled a time to be by and actually showed up. We actually enjoyed seeing Chris and getting to know him and respected his attention to every detail.

Every sub or employee came well dressed, professional and on time. Each one cared for our home as if it were their own and ensured every item they worked on exceeded our expectations.

Kristie, Office Manager, was always there if I had any additional questions or to just check in to make sure we were happy with their performance.

Candice (Palm Harbor)

Total internal and external construction due to sinkhole activity. Coordinated moving out of our home while construction was done. Extreme professional and continued communications. Triad made a very stressful situation better.

Krista (Lutz)

Complete downstairs remodel including all flooring replaced, complete kitchen remodel including walls torn out, and fireplace redone. Wonderful experience. Professional. Trustworthy. Top notch subcontractors. Everything done on time. I would not use anyone else.

Kristi (St. Pete)

After working as a professional painting contractor with Triad for over a year now I can said that is a pleasure doing business with them. They go above and beyond their contract to surpass their customers expectations while respecting my contract, working as a team and paying in a timely manner. Thank you for your business Dennis, George, Kristy and everybody else at team Triad.

Caba (Tampa)

I hired Triad for multiple projects. Any issue I had was dealt with they completed the work on time and the work was done very professionally. Very satisfied Price, customer service and work they have been second to none.

Hany (Tampa)