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Take Better Care of Your Roof: 3 Roofing Tips

By 2017, the total revenue for the home remodeling industry in the U.S. reached $83 billion, averaging an annual growth of 3.9%. Though homeowners all over the country are always looking for ways to improve the look and feel of their property, taking care of a home’s existing features should be priority number one.

Roof repair, for instance, is essential — especially in parts of the country that are at-risk for hurricanes and other major storms. Keep in mind, however, whether you’re performing roof replacement projects or simply inspecting your roof, hiring professional roofing contractors is always recommended.

If you have to perform various roofing tasks yourself, this information should help you do so in a safe and productive way. Here are some great roofing tips that can help prevent damage and avoid injury:

  • Focus on safety — If you’re planning on getting on your roof for any reason, whether it’s for roof repair or simple maintenance, you need to focus on safety. You need to be careful and patient every time you step onto your roof. Also, it’s best to make sure someone else in your home is around and fully aware that you’re going on the roof. If you fall, you need someone there to get help right away — so let someone know before you take one step on the roof.
  • Keep your gutters clean — You can perform this without even getting on your roof. Simply set up a ladder and clear out all the dirt, leaves, and debris inside your gutters. If your gutters are clogged, your roof will be in serious jeopardy of leaks and additional damage.
  • Prevent ice buildup — During the winter, ice can build up under the roof membrane, shingles, and gutters. As soon as the ice builds up, it can create an interior drip and cause all sorts of exterior and interior structural problems.

Keep in mind, however, if your home has been significantly damaged by a storm in any way, you should hire professional general contractors who specialize in roof repair.

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