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Homeowner Assistance: Address Roof and Mold Damage Immediately

Imagine getting through this brutally hot summer without having to do too much work on your home. That’s great news, right? But what if your home has been damaged a bit, only to be significantly more damaged as the next severe weather storm arrives? Just because you didn’t inspect your home over the last few months doesn’t mean there isn’t any damage present.

Even the smallest crack in your home’s structure can lead to an extremely dangerous living situation and a financial disaster. Whether you need roof repair, address some residential flooding issues, or fix some of your home’s siding, you better get to it right away.

Thankfully, there are currently over 50,000 establishments engaged in the installation, roofing, siding, and sheet metal work across the U.S. — valuing a total of $31.4 billion. If you’re at all worried about the structural integrity of your home or want to improve its appearance, it’s time to give some of these general contractors a call and take advantage of their high quality workmanship.

Roof damage is serious and if neglected your entire roof could collapse — so it’s imperative that you contact roof repair professionals as soon as possible. Another common household problem that Florida homeowners often deal with isn’t always that easy to identify: mold.

As soon as water permeates a home, you have a small window of time before the mold begins to multiply and leads to hazardous mildew buildup. That’s why you need to regularly inspect your home (both yourself and by hiring professionals) to ensure that there are no mold spots anywhere inside your home. Mold can be hidden in wall cavities, behind cabinetry, in the attic, in the basement, and all throughout your home. Home remodeling professionals can quickly and efficiently address mold and all the problems mold can cause.

Don’t let roof damage, flooding issues, or mold ruin your home and your summer. If you’re in need of professional roof repair services or want to work with contractors who can perform various other home repair and improvement projects, give Triad a call right away.