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Tampa Fire Damage Restoration

Few events are as devastating as the trauma caused by fire. Although we primarily think of the damage flames can bring about to a structure, there are other concerns. With fires come copious amounts of smoke, soot and ash, all of which add to the overall damage and cleanup after such a tragic event. It can be extremely difficult to rid a space of the lingering smell of smoke as well as the destruction it can leave behind.  When confronted with fire and smoke damage, contact Triad for a quote on Tampa fire damage restoration.

Research shows that there were over a million fires in the United States in 2016 according to There were actually over 1.3 million fires reported in the US, causing more than 3,000 deaths, over 14,000 injuries, and $10.6 billion in damages. Of these fires, 173,000 were vehicle fires, causing 280 deaths, over 1,000 fire injuries, and $933 million in property damage in total. Fires can be caused by an array of sources from electrical to chemicals, an unwatched pot on the stove to cigarettes and cigars left unattended. Homes and work spaces contain a wealth of potential fuel sources that once ignited, can cause damage or even loss of life if not contained quickly. Too often individuals attempt to put out such fires rather than contacting the appropriate emergency resources to address the fire. A fire can quickly gain strength and get out of control so it’s imperative to make quick decisions to mitigate the damage.

A high-level of expertise and experience is required to properly restore a structure from the damage caused by a fire. At Triad, we know all too well that your keepsakes and belongings are in harm’s way. Our seasoned experts know how to clean up the damage caused by a fire and all of the aspects that come from such a tragic event. Our team has the knowledge, ability and equipment to quickly and efficiently restore fire damaged structures to their pre-loss condition.

We work closely with your insurance carrier throughout the process, assisting with the evaluation of damage and creating a plan for reconstruction. Our professional team is trained in repairing all structural damage caused by fires, and the cleaning processes required to properly remove smoke odor and soot from your property. From start to finish, our expert teams can quickly and efficiently complete all aspects of your Tampa fire damage restoration project. Call us today for assistance.